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Walther PD380: the concealed carry pistol, reimagined

Walther introduces the PD380 semi-automatic pistol, a new compact design for personal defense and concealed carry that carries on the German company'...

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Benelli Lupo HPR BE.S.T.: the bolt-action precision rifle “Made in Urbino”

Benelli as well has its own long-range shooting platform: the Lupo HPR BE.S.T. rifle is fully configurable for sport shooting or hunting

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EMTAN Karmiel Ramon: the Israeli Glock

Now available on numerous civilian markets, the Ramon pistol manufactured by EMTAN Karmiel Ltd. in Israel comes from a long streak of successful...

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Taurus GX4 Carry pistol: a new budget option for concealed carry

Taurus USA introduces the new 9mm Luger GX4 Carry pistol: a mid-sized version of the GX4 series, conceived for both concealed and open carry personal...

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Blaser R8 Ultimate Monza straight-pull rifle: competition-level accuracy for hunting

Blaser's R8 Ultimate Monza straight-pull rifle is not just one of the straightest shooters around, but also a captivating, unusual design that puts...

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Wildey Survivor pistol: the first, the great, the original

The Wildey Survivor was the first large-caliber gas-operated pistol built for hunting and sport shooting: the peculiar design and high performance...

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Beretta NARP: a new assault rifle system from Italy!

Beretta Defense Technologies (BDT) introduces a new assault rifle system at the 2023 edition of DSEi: the NARP 5.56x45mm NATO assault rifle, an...

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