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CZ BREN 3 new assault rifle system

Česká Zbrojovka introduces the new CZ BREN 3 assault weapon system at the 2024 edition of Eurosatory: an improved version of the BREN 2 platform,...

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New Sako TRG 62 A1 bolt-action sniper rifle

The new Sako TRG 62 A1 bolt-action long-range rifle is chambered for the powerful .375 CheyTac and dedicated to interdiction and anti-materiel uses...

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Cabot Guns Grail Guardian: a legendary 1911 pistol

The Grail Guardian pistol, a new custom creation by Cabot Guns, is a fantastic longslide 1911 with a bespoke metal chest that is inspired in style...

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Hornady Manufacturing reloading app

The Hornady Manufacturing reloading app now includes all the data of the Hornady's 11th edition cartridge reloading handbook and many being developed...

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Savage Arms Timber: a new series of precision-engineered rimfire rifles

Savage Arms introduces the new Timber line of rimfire rifles, based on the A-22 semi-automatic or B-22 bolt-action series, available in three...

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Books: From the Beretta PM-12 to the PMX

The Arnaud publishing company launched the book "Dalla pistola mitragliatrice Beretta M12 alla PMX" in Italy: an in-depth technical and historical...

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Beretta BRX1 Wild Boar straight-pull battue hunting rifle

The new Beretta BRX1 Wild Boar Edition, with its full blaze orange synthetic furniture, was specifically conceived for battue hunting and, more...

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