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Books: From the Beretta PM-12 to the PMX

The Arnaud publishing company launched the book "Dalla pistola mitragliatrice Beretta M12 alla PMX" in Italy: an in-depth technical and historical...

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Beretta BRX1 Wild Boar straight-pull battue hunting rifle

The new Beretta BRX1 Wild Boar Edition, with its full blaze orange synthetic furniture, was specifically conceived for battue hunting and, more...

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Steyr AUG A3-SA M2: the new and improved bull-pup rifle

Steyr Arms introduces the AUG A3-SA M2 semi-automatic bull-pup rifle, a civilian version of the AUG A3 M2 assault rifle recently adopted by the...

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New Hämmerli Arms rimfire pistols and carbines, from Umarex

From Umarex, a new chapter in the Hämmerli Arms line: new rimfire sporter rifles and pistols aim to return global recognition to the glorious Swiss...

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Grand Power P24 and LP24: Slovakia's new striker-fired pistols

The Grand Power P24 and LP24 pistols are two pre-production prototypes presented at IWA 2024: stryker-fired, 9mm Luger, featuring a Browning-style...

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Weatherby Sorix: a new fully ambidextrous hunting shotgun

Weatherby introduces the Sorix semi-automatic hunting shotgun: inertia-driven, available in 12-gauge and 20-gauge variants and three different...

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Créapeiron Elysien pistol, a work of art

Showcased at the 2024 edition of IWA by the Czech-based Créapeiron S.R.O. company, the Elysien pistol is an Art Nouveau style reinterpretation of the...

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