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Bushmaster XM15A2: the 50th anniversary rifle

Bushmaster Firearms announces the release of the XM15A2 50th Anniversary Rifle, a collectible AR-15 variant to celebrate the 50 years of existance of...

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Benelli Lupo HPR BE.S.T.: the bolt-action precision rifle “Made in Urbino”

Benelli as well has its own long-range shooting platform: the Lupo HPR BE.S.T. rifle is fully configurable for sport shooting or hunting

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Kel-Tec releases the new R50 Defender short barrel carbine

Kel-Tec announces the launch of the new R50 Defender semi-automatic, short-barrel rifle, chambered for the snappy 5.7×28mm round, as the third entry...

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Smith & Wesson Response: a new AR-15 pistol-caliber carbine with a versatile feeding system

Smith & Wesson’s 9mm Response semi-automatic, AR-15 style pistol-caliber carbine breaks grounds with its patented FLEXMAG feeding system, allowing...

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SIG Sauer releases CROSS Magnum bolt-action rifle

SIG Sauer’s CROSS line of bolt-action long-range rifles expands with the launch of a new variant chambered for the powerful and versatile .300...

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Blaser R8 Ultimate Monza straight-pull rifle: competition-level accuracy for hunting

Blaser's R8 Ultimate Monza straight-pull rifle is not just one of the straightest shooters around, but also a captivating, unusual design that puts...

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Beretta NARP: a new assault rifle system from Italy!

Beretta Defense Technologies (BDT) introduces a new assault rifle system at the 2023 edition of DSEi: the NARP 5.56x45mm NATO assault rifle, an...

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PRS Rimfire: Precision Rifle 22 1st World Championship, in Italy

It has just concluded in Italy the first PRS Rimfire World Championship, or PRS 22: it is the name of the .22 Long Rifle variant of the long-range...

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