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New Colt Defense M4 Commando sporting carbines, from Prima Armi

IWA 2017 - The Italian Prima Armi company, official Colt distributor for Europe, showcased the new 12" and 14.5" barrel versions of the Colt Defense...

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Chiappa's new pistols at IWA 2017

IWA 2017 - Chiappa Firearms introduced to the European public three pistols that already caused attentions in the US market, when presented at SHOT...

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Heckler & Koch SFP9 pistol: the new variants

IWA 2017 - Heckler & Koch expands the SFP9 line of semi-automatic, polymer frame striker-fired pistols with the introduction of the SFP9 OR optics...

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Czech Small Arms Vz.15 pistol: the true Czech "Glock Killer"?

IWA 2017 - The CSA - Czech Small Arms company debuted the Vz.15 pistol at the Nuremberg fair center, with distribution slated to kick off in late...

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The EU Gun Ban is approved without amendments

Just as the European gun owners community feared, the modifications to the European firearms directive were approved without amendments – a slap in...

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Steyr-Mannlicher STM 556 assault rifle

IWA 2017 - The Austrian Steyr Mannlicher company showcased the STM 556 assault rifle, now an entrant for the new German rifle trial

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CZ P-10 C semi-automatic pistol: Czech polymer goodness!

IWA 2017 - First announced in late 2016 and first showcased at the SHOT Show, CZ's eagerly anticipated polymer frame, striker-fired pistol was...

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