• Cabot Guns announces the Sandrin Knives Platinum Mamba

Cabot Guns announces the Sandrin Knives Platinum Mamba

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Cabot Guns announces the Sandrin Knives Platinum Mamba

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Sandrin Knives and Cabot Guns debut the Platinum Mamba, a unique $150,000 “Record Breaking Knife”: ¾ pound of Platinum, 320 Diamonds and a blade made out of Tungsten Carbide.

They define it “the ultimate in dangerous luxury, science and craftsmanship”.

Sandrin Knives in conjunction with Cabot Guns announced today that it is debuting the Platinum Mamba, a unique, collector’s edition knife featuring a blade of Tungsten Carbide, the world’s hardest and sharpest material.

Cabot Guns announces the Sandrin Knives Platinum Mamba

The knife’s handle is made from three quarters of a pound of Platinum encrusted with 320 diamonds (14 carats total) and inlaid with Wyoming Jade. The opulent Platinum Mamba, offered at $150,000, is the ultimate in dangerous luxury, science and craftsmanship. It is the first knife to feature a platinum handle and likely embodies the highest value of raw materials of any knife ever made. 

This is a knife fit for a king. It’s an outrageous beast of a knife,” said Alessandro Colombatto, President of Sandrin. “It has a presence. When you hold it in your hand, you feel its power and distinctivness.” Sandrin produced the blade. Cabot Guns, Sandrin’s exclusive partner in the US, oversaw the team of artisans who created the complete knife. The two companies collaborated on the Platinum Mamba’s creation for two years.

The Platinum Mamba features a 120mm blade with a multi-groove finishing manually crafted on an ultra-thin diamond grinding wheel. The blade weighs 235 grams due to Tungsten Carbide’s extreme density. Tungsten Carbide is twice the weight of steel, comparable to gold. The knife’s total weight is 635 grams. Platinum is the heaviest of the precious metals, weighing almost twice as much as karat gold.  

VIDEO / Sandrin Knives Platinum Mamba knife

Sandrin is a division of Turmond, Italy’s leading carbide technology company. In 2016, they shocked the world of knife-making by producing the world’s first and only Tungsten Carbide knife blades—a feat of metallurgy and bladesmithing that had long been considered “impossible” due to the material’s notorious brittleness.

Sandrin spent 20 years developing the capability to create a patented grade of tungsten carbide with the properties suited to make knife blade out Tungsten Carbide. Harder than steel, Tungsten Carbide allows the Platinum Mamba’s blade to keep its sharpness up to 30 times longer than that of a steel knife.

Cabot Guns announces the Sandrin Knives Platinum Mamba
Cabot Guns announces the Sandrin Knives Platinum Mamba

The family-run company has been perfecting the extremely high-tolerance art of fabricating Tungsten Carbide for two generations. The material is used for industrial grinding applications. They have 40 years of experience are considered world-class in their expertise in TC, working with clients like Apple and Rolex.

The Sandrin blades are sintered from powders in-house at their factory and worked via various proprietary methods. The final shaping of the blades can only be done with ultra-high speed and multi-axis, CNC-controlled Diamond Grinding wheels, which Turmond also makes for themselves. The equipment used to produce the Platinum Mamba costs millions of dollars, though Sandrin’s real expertise is the trade secret aspects to create the geometry.

For more information visit Sandrin Knives or Cabot Guns
In Europe, Cabot Guns firearms are distributed by the Italian company ERREDI Trading


Cabot Guns announces the Sandrin Knives Platinum Mamba