AREX teases the REX Delta pistol

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AREX teases the REX Delta pistol

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The Slovenian-based AREX company just teased the REX Delta, a striker-fired polymer frame semi-automatic pistol conceived for concealed carry, personal protection, and duty to be launched in early 2019

These are the first pictures of the REX Firearms Delta, the new striker-fired pistol from AREX of Slovenia, scheduled to hit the market in 2019

AREX teases the REX Delta pistol

AREX D.o.o. is a company headquartered in the Slovenian town of Šentjernej, long active in the defense business, known amongst the international shooters' community for the handguns manufactured and distributed since the year 2014 under the REX Firearms brand.

The REX Zero1 line of pistols quickly gained a cult following among shooters in Europe and north America alike, with several observers comparing it positively to the SIG Sauer design they're based on in terms of reliability, manufacturing quality, and performance. Available in semi-compact, full-size, threaded barrel and competition-oriented variants, the Zero1 series pistols have another key factor going for them: price.

Just yesterday, a post on the REX Firearms Facebook page and a YouTube video on the Polenar Tactical channel teased the REX Delta, the company's next semi-automatic pistol and their big new entry for 2019.

AREX teases the REX Delta pistol

The REX Delta will be the first AREX entry in the field of striker-fired handguns. In the same league of, to say, a Glock 19 in terms of size and weight, the REX Delta is conceived for concealed and open carry, duty and personal defense, home protection and target practice alike, and will be built around a high-strenght polymer frame with a highly ergonomic grip featuring four interchangeable backstraps for versatility.

9mm Luger is the only caliber teased so far for the REX Delta; each gun will come issued with two double-stack metal magazines with a polymer floor plate, holding fifteen and seventeen rounds of 9x19mm ammunition respectively.

Other features of the REX Delta will include a railed dust cover for tactical accessories; an ambidextrous magazine release catch and slide stop lever; an optional ambidextrous thumb safety located on the frame, in a position reminiscent of the classic M1911; and a machined, blued steel slide offering simple but very effective dovetailed sights, a loaded chamber indicator and a separate, tactile and visual cocked striker indicator on the back plate.

VIDEO / Rex Delta | New handgun from Arex

The REX Delta will also offer a peculiar trigger, with a sort of "wall" following the first millimeters of travel that simulates a double stage for increased safety – something we may describe very simply as a take on Walther's "Antistress" action. The trigger will also provide a crisp, clean release and a short, very well perceptible and audible reset.

Not much else is known so far about the REX Delta, except that the launch is planned for 2019 – possibly at the NSSF SHOT Show in Las Vegas – and that the MSRP should be competitive even for the largely saturated striker-fired pistols market.

AREX teases the REX Delta pistol