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VIDEO: Pedersoli Withworth muzzle loading rifle

IWA 2016 – The Italian firm Pedersoli has presented a reproduction of the Withworth rifle: a single shot, black powder muzzle loading rifle intended...

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VIDEO: Winchester Extreme Point hunting ammunition

The Winchester Extreme Point hunting ammunition is an European derivation of the Winchester Deer Season rifle cartridges presented in 2015 to the US...

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VIDEO: Kimber 2016 new products

IWA 2016 – Concerning handguns, the novelties from Kimber are the Micro 9 semiautomatic pistol, a pocket sized 1911, and the brand new Kimber...

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VIDEO: Kahr Arms and Auto Ordnance 2016 new pistols

IWA 2016 – from the Kahr Arms Group, some new semiauto pistols. The Kahr Arms pistols models K9, MK9, PM9 and P45 in various configurations and...

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VIDEO: Radar CRAB-PRO pistol holster

The Radar 6857 CRAB-PRO is a professional duty holster for both special and routine service. Its design solves the problem of having an holster...

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VIDEO: Pedersoli 1886 Hunter Light rifle

IWA 2016 – Davide Pedersoli & C. has presented the 1886 Hunter Light rifle, a light round barrel version of their 86/71 lever action rifle

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The new CZ Shadow 2 competition pistol

IWA 2016 – In 2006, the new excellent CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow pistol was introduced, a pistol which soon dominated the IPSC Production division. After ten...

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Fiocchi Ammunition new hunting cartridges

IWA 2016 - Fiocchi Munizioni has presented its new line of hunting cartridges, to celebrate the 140 years of activity of one of the most appreciated...

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