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Colt CBX Tac Hunter bolt-action hunting rifle

Colt new CBX Tac Hunter, a lightweight all-rounder bolt-action rifle based on the CZ 600 action, available in two calibers and two barrel lengths and...

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Steyr Arms GAMS rifles for mountain hunting

No surprise if mountain hunting also affects the Austrian company Steyr Arms. They just released the GAMS,  a lightweight and versatile bolt-action...

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Smith & Wesson Performance Center M&P-9 Metal M2.0 Spec Series

The M&P-9 Metal M2.0 Series pistols from Smith & Wesson's Performance Center gets an upgrade to 2023 Specs: sold in a full kit, it's an excellent...

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New Savage KLYM bolt-action and straight-pull rifles

Savage Arms "KLYM", a new line of bolt-action and straight-pull rifles based on the Savage 110 or Impulse actions. Built around a light weight carbon...

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Walther PD380: the concealed carry pistol, reimagined

Walther introduces the PD380 semi-automatic pistol, a new compact design for personal defense and concealed carry that carries on the German company'...

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Beretta DT11 Black DLC: a new high-end competition shotgun from Italy

Beretta’s DT11 Black 12-gauge over-and-under competition shotgun is now available in a total black DLC finish, offering superior resistance against...

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Smith & Wesson Response: a new AR-15 pistol-caliber carbine with a versatile feeding system

Smith & Wesson’s 9mm Response semi-automatic, AR-15 style pistol-caliber carbine breaks grounds with its patented FLEXMAG feeding system, allowing...

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SIG Sauer releases CROSS Magnum bolt-action rifle

SIG Sauer’s CROSS line of bolt-action long-range rifles expands with the launch of a new variant chambered for the powerful and versatile .300...

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