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CZ-75 "Order of the White Lion": a Czech pistol for Volodymyr Zelensky

On April 28th, during his official visit to Prague, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky received a special one of a kind gift from Czech President...

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SIG Sauer ROMEO-M17, the MHS pistol red dot sight

SIG Sauer introduces the ROMEO-M17 red dot sight, specifically conceived for the M17 and M18 MHS pistols currently serving as the standard sidearms...

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FN Reflex micro compact pistol

FN America introduces the FN Reflex micro-compact concealed carry pistol, sporting a staggering-for-size 11 or 15 rounds capacity and available in a...

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Ruger ReadyDot micro reflex sight

The Ruger ReadyDot is a small, simple, lightweight fiber-optic powered, battery-less micro reflex sight featuring a fixed 15 MOA dot, conceived to...

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High ergonomics: Walther PDP F-Series pistols

Walther's PDP F-Series line of semi-automatic pistols, available in two barrel lengths, offer redesigned ergonomics for easier, better handling by...

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Ruger Super Wrangler, .22 multicaliber revolvers

Ruger announces the new Super Wrangler single-action rimfire revolver, building on the success of the well-established Wrangler series and offering...

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Sweden and Finland adopt SAKO assault rifles!

The representatives of the Swedish and Finnish Defense Forces signed an agreement at SAKO headquarters on March 27 to adopt a new family of small...

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