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Video: Vanguard new riflescopes for 2017

IWA 2017 - Vanguard keeps on implementing its offer in the field of riflescopes for hunting and sport shooting, providing good quality at an...

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AceCo 'Micro-Shot': the precision pepper spray dispenser

When the best you can have is a pepper spray, you better settle for the best available: the Micro-Shot dispenser, manufactured in the U.S. by AceCo,...

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Colt Defender and Colt Competition pistols in Europe

IWA 2017 - Colt's manufacturing company keeps high the tradition of the 1911 pistol platform, and through their European importer showcased their...

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Uzkon UNG-12: the shotgun of the future, from Turkey

IWA 2017 - Anticipated by a catchy advertisement campaign at the end of the year 2016, and showcased at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas back in January,...

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Astra Defense MG556: the civilian-grade Minimi

IWA 2017 - We've been waiting for an entire year, and now it's finally here: the Astra Defense MG556 semi-automatic rifle will be available from...

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New Colt Defense M4 Commando sporting carbines, from Prima Armi

IWA 2017 - The Italian Prima Armi company, official Colt distributor for Europe, showcased the new 12" and 14.5" barrel versions of the Colt Defense...

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Chiappa's new pistols at IWA 2017

IWA 2017 - Chiappa Firearms introduced to the European public three pistols that already caused attentions in the US market, when presented at SHOT...

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