VIDEO: Marlin Dark series Rifles

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VIDEO: Marlin Dark series Rifles

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Marlin Dark Series rifles: a new line of lever-action rifles produced by Marlin Firearms

VIDEO / Marlin Dark series Rifles

The Marlin Dark Series rifles are known for their distinctive and tactical appearance, featuring a matte black finish and modern furniture that sets them apart from the more traditional lever-action rifles.


The Marlin Dark Series rifles typically incorporate features like black synthetic stocks or grips, blackened metal parts, and often include threaded barrels for attaching muzzle devices like suppressors or muzzle brakes. These rifles are designed to offer a more modern and subdued aesthetic while retaining the classic and reliable lever-action mechanism that Marlin is known for.


One of the key models in the Marlin Dark Series is the Marlin 1895 Dark Series, chambered in larger calibers like .45-70 Government. This model has gained popularity among hunters and enthusiasts who appreciate the lever-action design combined with the modern, tactical appearance.