Hornady Manufacturing reloading app

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Hornady Manufacturing reloading app

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The Hornady Manufacturing reloading app now includes all the data of the Hornady's 11th edition cartridge reloading handbook and many being developed for the 12th edition

Hornady Manufacturing reloading app

Hornady Manufacturing reloading app

The Hornady Manufacturing reloading app was initially launched in 2019 as an easily accessible, digital version of Hornady's own handbook of cartridge reloading – the most comprehensive and trusted reloading reference for decades.


A new version announced on April 25 now includes all the data found in the 11th edition of the Hornady Handbook of Cartridge Reloading and numerous updates that have been developed for the yet-to-be-published 12th edition, providing everyone from the novice to the seasoned handloader everything needed to successfully reload an incredibly wide variety of rifle and handgun calibers.


The application covers more than 200 pistol, revolver, and caliber cartridges for hunting, sport shooting, or self-defense with a variety of loads featuring Hornady bullets, such as the A-Tip Match, ELD-X and ELD Match lines.


Velocity and powder charts are included for each cartridge, allowing easy reference. Users will find an impressive lineup of powders including Power Pro 2000 MR; IMR 4451 and 7977; CFE Pistol; BE-86; Reloader 23, 26, 33 and 50; Accurate LT-30 and 32; and some offerings from Shooters World. Popular established powders like Reloader 17, Superformance and LeverEvolution have also been expanded to more cartridges.


The application also includes details on the history of numerous cartridges; information on bullet design and shooting application to help with selection; and allows users to save information from the range and favorites within the app.


The application is free to download on Apple or Android devices. Included with the free download are hundreds of pages of reloading information including rifle and handgun bullet guides, the basics of reloading, tips and techniques plus limited free data on newer cartridge releases such as the 6mm Creedmoor, .224 Valkyrie, .300 PRC and more.


Pay-to-access information is available, with a $19.99/year subscription required for access to the full 11th Edition data, plus new data as it's developed for the 12th edition, with App notifications sent as new data is available. Alternatively, à la carte purchase is available, allowing users to buy the information just for the cartridges they need for 99¢ each.

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