New INFORCE WML White Gen 3: a new era in weapon mounted lights

IWA 2024 - The new INFORCE WML White Gen 3 is brighter and more powerful than ever before

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Introducing KJI's Mag Series: revolutionizing rifle handling

IWA 2024 - The new KJI Precision “Mag Series” magnetic adapter is a game-changing solution designed to elevate the rifle handling experience.

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KJI Precision Reaper Hellbound Kit

SHOT Show 2024 – The KJI Precision Reaper Hellbound Kit, a tripod grip designed for shooters and hunters looking for semplicity in precision shooting

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Otis Technology and Shooter's Choice new products for 2024

SHOT Show 2024 – Otis Technology and Shooter's Choice introduce a wide array of new products at SHOT Show: the Sportsman's Range Box, shotgun and...

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Timney Impact AR PCC trigger, from Ferkinghoff International

The Timney Triggers Impact AR PCC aftermarket trigger is designed specifically for AR-15 based pistol-caliber carbines, available in Europe through...

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From Art to Arsenal: usability of tripod ball-heads for rifle shooting

Have you ever had the unfortune of having to clean a tripod ball-head? From the pain of having to dismantle every single screw, to cleaning all of...

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Lighting the path: exploring the evolution of self-defense with INFORCE WILD1 and WILD2

INFORCE WILD1 and WILD2: two reliable pistol lights for tactical and personal defense use

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INFORCE Light WML White Gen2 for cull hunting

Culling animals and the role of rifle lights like the Inforce WML White Gen2

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