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PWS - Primary Weapons Systems UXR user-configurable rifle

SHOT Show 2024 – New from PWS, a company best known for their AR-15 variants, is the UXR "User X-Changeable Rifle": a fully configurabile battle...

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Ruger Mini-14 Tactical: the A-Team classic returns!

SHOT Show 2024 – The Ruger Mini-14 Tactical rifle is back: the classic folding-stock version which was made popular by the famous A-Team TV series of...

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Beretta 1301 Tactical Mod.2 semi-automatic shotgun

SHOT Show 2024 – Beretta introduces the second generation of their finest tactical shotgun: the Beretta 1301 Tactical Mod.2 emerges as a natural...

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Kahr X9 double-stack concealed carry pistol

SHOT Show 2024 – Kahr Arms X9, a subcompact double-stack pistol with 10-rounds or 15-rounds magazines, also compatible with those of SIG Sauer P365...

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Walther PDP Steel Frame Full Size and Compact pistols

SHOT Show 2024 – Walther PDP line of striker-fired pistols now includes three variants with a machined steel frame and thre different configurations...

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Hydra Weaponry BMP-23 bull-pup pistol

SHOT Show 2024 – With the BMP-23, Mack Gwinn's Hydra Weaponry brings back the '70s "Bushmaster-Gwinn" bull-pup PDW.

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Springfield Armory new 1911 TRP pistols

SHOT Show 2024 – Springfield Armory expands the 1911 TRP line of .45 ACP semi-automatic pistol with the launch of six new models, featuring VZ Hydra...

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