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50 years of IWA OutdoorClassics in Nuremberg

IWA OutdoorClassics invites the industry to Nuremberg in 2024, as the trade fair celebrates its 50th anniversary

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Texas Rangers, 1823-2023

The year 2023 has marked the bicentennial of the institution of the corps of the Texas Rangers: one of the most famous and celebrated police forces...

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Bushmaster XM15A2: the 50th anniversary rifle

Bushmaster Firearms announces the release of the XM15A2 50th Anniversary Rifle, a collectible AR-15 variant to celebrate the 50 years of existance of...

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Inforce Light WML White Gen2 for cull hunting

Culling animals and the role of rifle lights like the Inforce WML White Gen2

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Kel-Tec releases the new R50 Defender short barrel carbine

Kel-Tec announces the launch of the new R50 Defender semi-automatic, short-barrel rifle, chambered for the snappy 5.7×28mm round, as the third entry...

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Beretta DT11 Black DLC: a new high-end competition shotgun from Italy

Beretta’s DT11 Black 12-gauge over-and-under competition shotgun is now available in a total black DLC finish, offering superior resistance against...

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Smith & Wesson Response: a new AR-15 pistol-caliber carbine with a versatile feeding system

Smith & Wesson’s 9mm Response semi-automatic, AR-15 style pistol-caliber carbine breaks grounds with its patented FLEXMAG feeding system, allowing...

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