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Derya TM22 LA-18 magazine-fed lever-action rimfire rifle

The TM22 LA-18, manufactured by Derya Silah in Turkey, is currently the only .22 Long Rifle lever-action rifle in the world to feed from a detachable...

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Springfield Armory SA-16A2, the new retro AR-15

Springfield Armory announces the new SA-16A2 semi-automatic rifle, a replica of the M16-A2 assault rifle adopted by the US Armed Forces in the 1980s

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RSBC Group acquires Steyr Arms

The Czech-based RSBC Holding Group – owner of the AREX D.O.O. company of Slovenia – announces the surprise takeover of the Austrian-based Steyr Arms...

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Video: new INTEGRIX riflescopes

Manufactured in the US, the new Integrix riflescopes line represents the high-end optics offer from Leapers

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EXTREMA RATIO lands in the U.S.A.

Extrema Ratio has been cooking something big for all knife enthusiasts living in the United States: the new e-commerce platform www.extremaratiousa....

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Victrix Armaments: independence achieved in the Military and Law Enforcement sectors

The new Victrix Armaments company asset comes with two significant changes: total control over distribution in the Military and Law Enforcement...

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Chiappa Little Badger TDX: the little single-shot conquering America

Chiappa Firearms' Little Badger TDX single-shot rifle is a hit on the US market and earns the attention of the NRA Family

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