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Chiappa Firearms Wildlands 92 Takedown "Angle Eject" lever-action rifle

SHOT Show 2024 – The Chiappa Firearms Wildlands 92 lever-action rifle is now available with angled ejection window, in a minimalist, tacticized, take...

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Browning Ammunition Max Point and Silver Series, now available in 28 Nosler

SHOT Show 2024 – The Browning lines of Max Point and Silver Series hunting ammunition now includes 28 Nosler loads

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Sightmark XTM-3, the world's smallest magnifier

SHOT Show 2024 – The new Sightmark XTM-3 magnifier is the smallest available in the market, with an an excellent combination of magnification,...

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Chiappa Firearms 1911-45 pistols

SHOT Show 2024 – Chiappa Firearms introduces new models in the 1911-45 line of pistols: entirely manufactured in Italy and chambered in .45 ACP, the...

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Bergara Premier MgMicro Lite bolt-action rifle

SHOT Show 2024 – Bergara introduces the new Premier MgMicro Lite bolt-action rifle, a kind of rifle ever more desired in recent years, lightweight,...

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Chiappa Firearms Big Badger break-open rifles

SHOT Show 2024 – The diminutive "Little Badger" is all grown up! The Big Badger family from Chiappa Firearms stretches the design in three variants...

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Taurus Expedition bolt-action hunting rifle

SHOT Show 2024 – Taurus introduces its first bolt-action rifle: the Taurus Expedition, a lightweight rifle designed for hunting in harsh terrains

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