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Radar 5074: the invisible holster

One of the many concealed carry holsters offered by the Italian Radar 1957 company, the model 5074 is also dubbed the "Invisible"... and aptly so

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Taurus Tracker National Match .44 Magnum revolver

Two interesting sporting revolvers in .44 Magnum caliber: the Taurus Tracker National Match, available in two different barrel lengths

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The 4 rules of gun safety

Even with magazine out and no round in chamber, a firearm must always be considered as "loaded" and handled consequently. Let's brush up on the...

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S.D.M XM9: the SIG P226 that came from the East

From China comes the clone of the world-famous SIG Sauer P226 pistol, offering the same performance as the original... at one third of the price! 

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