New Minox X-Range 8x42 rangefinding binoculars

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New Minox X-Range 8x42 rangefinding binoculars

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The new Minox X-Range 8x42 binoculars, with their integrated laser rangefinder with over 2 km of maximum range, are among the most compact and lightest in their category currently available on the global market

Minox introduces the new X-Range 8x42 rangefinding binoculars

The well known Minox X-Range line of binoculars with built-in laser rangefinder is growing: on May 15th, the German company announced the launch of the new X-Range 8x42 model, to complement the already successful X-Range 10x42 first introduced back in 2021.

New Minox X-Range 8x42 rangefinding binoculars

Ideal for all hunting purposes, the Minox X-Range 8x42 binoculars feature a super-accurate, extremely efficient laser rangefinder that will perform flawlessly in all climates, with a maximum effective range of 2.800 meters (approx. 1.7 miles) on stationary targets and 1.600 meters (0.9 miles approx.) on game and persons, perfectly matching the high image clarity, brilliant high definition and neutral colors offered by its multi-coated low dispersion lenses.


The built-in laser rangefinder is controlled through a pair of rubberized buttons located on top of the binocular's body; the buttons are easy to operate and can easily be remapped through an intuitive navigation menu to personalize the X-Range 8x42 for left-handed or right-handed users. Results are projected on a high-visibility OLED display, with five selectable illumination levels for maximum performance in all environmental light conditions.


Built around a rubber-coated magnesium chassis, with adjustment dials behind the bridge and on the eyepieces, the Minox X-Range 8x42 is 152 mm (5.98") long overall, 132 mm (5.19") wide and 52 mm (2.04") high, weighing in at barely 990 grams (2.18 lbs), thus resulting in one of the lightest and most compact range-finding binoculars currently available on the global commercial markets, perfect for mountain hunting or stalking in all conditions and even in the harshest terrains.


The Minox X-Range 8x42 range-finding binoculars are IPX7 certified for water and sand resistance and are provided from factory with a neoprene neck strap, a carry pouch, a set of lens covers and a cleaning cloth.


MSRP in Europe is set at 1.199€; for informations concerning global availability and pricing, consult your closest Minox dealer or distributor.

New Minox X-Range 8x42 rangefinding binoculars
New Minox X-Range 8x42 rangefinding binoculars

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