Extrema Ratio 25 years: S-THIL "Black Warfare" Special Edition

Extrema Ratio presents the new integral, fixed blade S-THIL knife, in a “Black Warfare” special edition

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Extrema Ratio 25 years: HARPOON F XXV Anniversarium Limited Edition

Extrema Ratio presents the Harpoon F XXV Anniversarium knife, a 25 pieces limited edition of the historic model Harpoon F Tiger Tech

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Extrema Ratio 25 years: Misericordia "Black Warfare" Limited Edition

On its 25th anniversary Extrema Ratio presents a limited edition 500 pieces only version of the famous Misericordia model adopted by 4th Alpine...

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Extrema Ratio turns 25!

Extrema Ratio, the Italian leader in professional and tactical knives, celebrates its first twenty-five years of innovation and excellence with a...

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Maserin 925 Diceros: the knife that fights for conservation!

The Maserin cutlery introduces the new 925 Diceros fixed blade utility and rescue knife: a solid design, built to commemorate heroes of conservation...

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New Extrema Ratio website

Among the most popular knives brands worldwide, the new Extrema Ratio website is online. Always in "dark" tones, but now with a decidedly more...

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Extrema Ratio BD4 Lucky Desert

Variante desert dell’Extrema Ratio BD4 Lucky, versione civile del pugnale BD2 Contractor, con lo stesso design filante e una lama a filo singolo

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FOX Saturn folding knive: the 2021 Knife of the Year!

Italian knife-makers score big at the first Blade Show held after the COVID-19 pandemic: the FOX Saturn prototype wins the coveted Blade Awards as...

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