• UMAREX receives GLOCK License: two World Market Leaders join forces

UMAREX receives GLOCK License: two World Market Leaders join forces

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UMAREX receives GLOCK License: two World Market Leaders join forces

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Umarex announces a really exciting news: Umarex and Glock join officially into one of the most awaited partnership in the Gun Industry ever

VIDEO / UMAREX Receives GLOCK License for Air Guns and Airsoft

Arnsberg, Germany / September 22, 2017

UMAREX GmbH & Co. KG (UMAREX) headquartered in Germany receives the first worldwide license from the well-known Austrian weapons manufacturer, GLOCK, for the reproduction of its internationally recognized pistols.

UMAREX is thus writing a new chapter in its success story as the world market leader in licensed replica handguns.

Eyck Pflaumer, managing partner of UMAREX, summarizes the results of the intensive negotiations, “For years now, the trust between our two companies has been growing and we are looking forward to further developing this relationship with GLOCK. From November 2017 onwards, gun fans will find the first replicas of these famous pistols in outdoor retail locations almost everywhere in the world.

Founded in 1963, GLOCK has been setting the global standard for handguns with polymer frames for decades.

UMAREX and GLOCK are two world market leaders meeting on equal terms, the best prerequisites for a successful partnership. UMAREX will in the future build the famous GLOCK pistols in the categories "Airguns" (4.5 mm / .177) and "Airsoft" (6 mm).

GLOCK replicas will be distributed worldwide through sporting goods dealers, except in France and French territories. Umarex USA and the Elite Force Airsoft group of Umarex USA will distribute the world-leading GLOCK pistol replicas exclusively throughout North America. Distribution in the USA is expected to begin first quarter 2018.

Particularly attractive for collectors, the license allows the replicas to carry the original markings and be marketed in authentic packaging.

Good luck to Umarex and Glock, and this new absolutely challenging partnership: one more action in support of the culture that's behind the gun making history in itself.


The Umarex Headquarter in Arnsberg, Germany

The Umarex Headquarter in Arnsberg, Germany

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The UMAREX Corporate Group is the world’s largest manufacturer of over-the-counter firearm replicas and the largest importer of airguns in Europe.  Its range of products comprises guns for defense and leisure time as well as sporting arms, airsoft guns, steel goods and top quality LED lighting devices.

Founded in 1972, the medium sized company located in Arnsberg is now run by the second generation of the two founding families. An Austrian subsidiary with headquarters in Niederndorf and the company, Umarex USA, based in Fort Smith, Arkansas, also belong to the Corporate Group. Together they maintain the group’s global presence through an extensive network of distribution partners.

For more information about UMAREX Corporate Group visit UMAREX.com

UMAREX receives GLOCK License: two World Market Leaders join forces