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Chiappa Firearms M1-9 MBR: the M1 carbine, evolved

The Chiappa Firearms M1-9 MBR (Modern Black Rifle) semi-automatic carbine combines the familiar layout of the quintessentially American .30 M1...

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SIG Sauer wins the NGSW contract!

It's official: the NGSW competition, launched by the US Army almost five years ago, is over, and SIG Sauer is the winner. After beating Textron...

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IPI Malyuk bull-pup assault rifle: Kyiv's defender

Reportages from the conflict in Ukraine are highlighting the use by local troops of a previously seldom seen bull-pup assault rifle: enter the Malyuk...

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Bushmaster introduces the BA30 straight-pull rifle

Bushmaster announces the "quickest bolt-action rifle on the market rifle": the BA30 is a straight-pull design for PRS competition and precision long-...

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Springfield Armory introduces the Hellion semi-automatic bull-pup rifle

Springfield Armory announces the 5.56mm Hellion semi-automatic bull-pup rifle, a civilian version of the Croatian HS Produkt VHS-2K assault carbine...

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SIG Sauer MCX SPEAR .277 Fury semi-automatic rifle

SIG Sauer announces the availability of a first production run special edition of the MCX SPEAR semi-automatic rifle, chambered in .277 Fury: the...

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Chiappa Firearms "Charging Rhino" Gen II

The Charging Rhino is the latest competition-oriented variant of the Chiappa Firearms Rhino line of revolvers; a second-generation Rhino, it features...

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