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Sabatti Urban Sniper rifle

Now equipped with the sturdy 3 tenons Blizzard action, the Sabatti Urban Sniper bolt-action rifle offers even more all-purpose versatility and...

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CRKT M40-15

Renowned knifemaker Kit Carson sadly passed away in 2014, depriving the world of the designer of revolutionary systems like the "flipper" opening...

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Extrema Ratio Sethlans

Extrema Ratio presents the new SETHLANS knife: developed together with Master Instructor Daniele Dal Canto is a backup/survival knife with a powerful...

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CRKT Utsidihi: a Millenary EDC

Ryan Johnson designed this knife inspired by the flint blades that archaeologists and he himself found around where he lives.  This indeed makes the ...

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Extrema Ratio presents the new Misericordia tactical knife: named after the medieval sidearm used to dispatch fallen enemies, it’s a sleek, compact,...

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Thoughts about the Canadian Gun Ban

Following the Nova Scotia shootout where a man, illegally using a real police uniform, driving a police cruiser illegal replica, and using an...

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Extrema Ratio BD1 R pocket folding knife

Extrema Ratio presents a folding knife designed for lightness, inspired to the traditional Italian knives with a compact size coupled to the “Razor”...

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