• New Kimber EVO SP striker pistols

New Kimber EVO SP striker pistols

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New Kimber EVO SP striker pistols

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Kimber enters the market of striker fired semiautos with the new EVO SP, announced for 2019

Kimber EVO-SP CS

Kimber EVO-SP CS

The functional design of the new Kimber EVO SP pistols line was designed to be the top of the line choice in subcompact concealed carry pistols. The striker-fired EVO SP is the ideal choice in compact-size firearms with the benefits of all metal construction, for reduced muzzle rise.

The Kimber EVO SP CS (Custom Shop) boasts features like Stiplex front and rear cocking serrations, Stiplex front strap checkering, G10 Stiplex-inspired black and gray grips and backstrap, stainless steel slide and barrel feature FNC finish and matching frame cuts to accent the slide and overall appearance.

Available in 4 different models, EVO SP Custom Shop, CDP, TLE, and Two-Tone are all chambered in 9mm.

​​​​​​​ALL METAL

Contrary to many other manufacturers who expanded their line-up with the usual polymer framed, striker fired semiautos, the EVO SP is an all metal construction, weighing 532g (19 ounces) unloaded.


A single stack, 9mm semiauto, the whole handgun design follows a low snag, low drag design with rounded edges. The gun is available in four versions: Two Tone, TLE, CDP and Custom Shop.

A Stiplex patterned milling replaces the usual slide serrations, both on the rear and in front of the ejection port, on the Custom Shop version. Machine cuts on the slide and frame remove metal to further reduce weight, also giving the gun a very distinctive, hi-tech look.

The other three versions sport a more conventional look with the usual slide serrations. The whole design is the product of long ergonomic tests meant to produce the best possible human-gun interaction.

The gun comes with two 7 rounds magazines with a magazine extension for a more comfortable grip. All tolerances are kept very tight, as per brand tradition.




Takedown procedure is designed so as to avoid the need to pull the trigger to de-cock the striker.




The main peculiarity of the frame is the hardware-less grip panel mounting system and the back strap, which follows the panels style. These can be had in many different colors and styles, among which again the Stiplex pattern.

Apart from the (obvious) lack of a manual safety, the controls of the EVO SP closely recall those of the 1911 and will therefore feel familiar to most Kimber customers. The magazine release can be swapped both sides for left handed users or right-handed users which prefer to operate the button with their index finger. Trigger pull is 6-7 pounds. The trigger has an integral safety of the “leaf” kind, meant to block the trigger unless it’s depressed by the user’s finger.

The front strap is finely checkered for better control and the trigger guard is undercut to allow a higher grip on the gun. On the CS model slide release, magazine release button, grip panels, front strap and backstrap reprise the Stiplex pattern.


Slide and barrel are stainless steel coated with a Ferritic Nitro Carburizing process which gives them excellent rust and wear resistance.

The slide shows an external extractor and a striker indicator that offers both visual and tactile evidence of a cocked striker.

Kimber EVO-SP TT

Kimber EVO-SP TT


The gun comes from the factory with tritium night sights and a ledged rear sight to allow easier one-handed racking of the slide. The sights are finely lined to eliminate glare and present a black, matte sight picture with a high contrast front sight ring around the tritium vial.

The rear sight is dovetail mounted and can be adjusted by releasing an Allen screw. The front sight has a longitudinal dovetail, so it can’t be adjusted for windage. Different height front sights may be an option.

The top of the frame is matte, with five fine lines creating a guideline for the eye to the target. On the CS version, the top of the slide reprises the lightening millings theme of the sides.

New Kimber EVO SP striker pistols