• CRKT Seismic folding knife

CRKT Seismic folding knife

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CRKT Seismic folding knife

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This CRKT Seismic design by renowned brazilian knifemaker Flavio Ikoma showcases the new “Deadbolt” locking system.

CRKT Seismic folding knife

CRKT Seismic folding knife

Marketed as an EDC knife, the CRKT Seismic is a medium to large sized folder which condenses several innovantions for a very sturdy knife that can be used for a multitude of purposes. The core of the knife is the new “Deadbolt” locking system perfected by Ikoma during several years.


Externally, it looks just like the usual pivot pin with an unusually large left boss.This is actually the locking system release button, by pushing which the blade can be folded back into the handle without having your fingers in its path like with a traditional liner lock. This is hardly the most significant advantage of the Deadbolt locking system though.


Internally, two sturdy bolts fit in corresponding slots in the blade’s tang, making it virtually impossible for the blade to close under stress. I’m not going with the usual line “almost as sturdy as a fixed blade”, no folder is due to the shorter tang, but as it comes to locks, this is as strong as it can get. Plus, it’s very easy to actuate.

CRKT Seismic folding knife
CRKT Seismic folding knife

If you are worrying about a “too easy” (accidental) to actuate release button, there aren’t many chances for this to happen as it is protected by a rised ridge (think AR-15 “fenced” mag release here) and it has to be depressed much below the ridge to release the blade.


Blade pivoting is facilitated by the IKBS ball bearing system sported by many other CRKT knives. Thanks also to its heft, a simple pressure on the flip fin causes the blade to rotate in place effortlessly and positively. A screw in the grip anyway allows the user to choose between a smooth and easy blade release at a slight pressure on the flipper and a more positive one, with a stronger pressure needed to release it.

CRKT Seismic folding knife
CRKT Seismic folding knife
CRKT Seismic folding knife
CRKT Seismic folding knife
CRKT Seismic folding knife

VIDEO / CRKT Deadbolt | How It Works

The usual ambidextrous thumb stud, made more accessible by recesses milled in the grip scales, is still available for those who want a more traditional blade deployment option.


The blade itself has a persian pattern available both as plain edged or with VEFF serrations and is milled out of 3.8 mm thick AISI 420MoV (1.4116) steel, an alloy focused on corrosion resistance and resiliency with 0.45/0.55% C, 14-15% chrome for corrosion resistance, 0.5-0.8% molybdenum for better hardenability, toughness and further resistance to corrosion and 0.1-0.2% vanadium for grain refinement and better wear and shock impact resistance.

CRKT Seismic folding knife
CRKT Seismic folding knife
CRKT Seismic folding knife

The G10 grip is large enough to be very comfortable even for large hands during heavy work, while pattern and material insure a very secure hold even with wet hands. Two lanyard holes pass through the butt of the grip, where a reversible clip helps in pocket carry.


Now, while the Seismic is a bit on the large and heavy side for the urban civilian EDC (more like a pocket saber, really) it’s a very well made knife for uniformed personnel or outdoorsmen wanting a reliable, compact tool capable of tackling heavy chores or a credible self defense edged weapon.


Apart from size and heft, on the downside we have a pivot and locking system that is comparatively complex to disassemble and reassemble for cleaning and maintenance, and a price that, if entirely justified by the knife peculiar characteristics, is anyway a bit on the steep side.

CRKT Seismic folding knife
CRKT Seismic folding knife
CRKT Seismic folding knife
Sabatti Rover Hunter Classic

CRKT Seismic


Folding Knife


EDC - Every Day Carry



Blade design

Drop Point

Blade lock

Deadbolt lock

Blade material

1.4116 Steel (AISI 420MoV)

Blade finish


Blade length

3.97" (100.81 mm)

Blade thickness

0.15" (3.76 mm)





Overall length

9.44" (239.73 mm)

Max width

6.30 oz. (178.60g)