Sightmark, Kopfjager, Firefield: the 2021 new products catalogs

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Sightmark, Kopfjager, Firefield: the 2021 new products catalogs

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Texas-based Sellmark Corporation has released the 2021 new product catalogs for the Sightmark, Firefield, and Kopfjäger brands, in five languages

Sightmark, Kopfjager, Firefield: the 2021 new products catalogs

The Sellmark Corporation was established in 1995 in Mansfield (Texas) to cater to the needs of hunters, sport shooters, and local peace officers and law enforcement agencies (which, in the US, more often than not equip themselves through the same commercial channels used by civilians) who required viable quality accessories for their daily needs, which wouldn't either fail them or leave them strapped for cash.


The Sellmark Corporation currently owns and distributes numerous brands, the most popular being Sightmark and Firefield – dedicated to optics, laser designators, mounting interfaces thereof, and multiple other tactical accessories – and among the newest entries is the Kopfjäger line of bipods, tripods, shooting rests and many other solutions for the stabilization of shooting platforms, dedicated to long-range precision shooters, competition shooters, hunters, and tactical applications.


The overall quality of the Sellmark Corporation's products drastically improved in the past couple of years, while the price tag remained below average in most cases, gaining those products a well-earned market niche and a good level of popularity among commercial users. As market request sore even outside of north America, the Sellmark Corporation established a subsidiary in Europe (Sellmark O.O.D., headquartered in Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria) to serve the European, northern African and western Asian markets.


The increased level of attention of the Sellmark Corporation towards the ever-more-demanding international markets has had its effect on the communication strategies of the group. Starting in 2021, the product catalogs for the Sellmark Corporation brands will be available in English (both US and EMEA English), French, German, Spanish and Italian.

Sightmark reticles

Sightmark reticles


Sightmark, Kopfjager, Firefield: the 2021 new products catalogs

Ever since its establishment in 1995, Sightmark has been the tip of Sellmark's spear on the global market for observation optics, red dot and reflex sights, prism sights, riflescopes, and other products dedicated to satisfy the basic needs of hunters and sport shooters who demand reliable quality products that won't break the bank.


In north America, Sightmark products also often find the favour of local law enforcement agencies and peace officers, to be installed and used on individual service and defensive weapons – particularly patrol rifles.


The Sightmark brand catalog also includes a wide array of night vision devices, laser aiming modules, laser boresighters, scope rings and mounts, and so much more. Sightmark's products are covered by a limited lifetime warranty for defects in materials and workmanship.




Sightmark, Kopfjager, Firefield: the 2021 new products catalogs

The Firefield brand was originally established as an even lower-cost, budget alternative to the mainstay of the Sellmark Corporation's product lines, with a product offer that would more or less be similar to that of the Sightmark brand but at a lower price tag without sacrificing too much on the products' quality and service life.


As the years went by, the Firefield brand products found substantial knowledge and acceptance among leisure shooters for simple training and plinking – unlike Sightmark's, which cater mostly towards tactical shooters and serious competition shooting, as well as towards law enforcement – and they reached a good level of popularity among airgun shooters, MIL-SIM enthusiasts and Airsoft enthusiasts, who appreciate them being both well-designed and cost-effective.


The Firefield catalog today includes observation optics, riflescopes, prism and red dot sights, scope mounts and brackets, laser aiming devices, night vision devices, tactical accessories and relevant interfaces, multi-tools, and a whole lot more.




Sightmark, Kopfjager, Firefield: the 2021 new products catalogs

The Kopfjäger brand is one of the (relatively) newer entries in the Sellmark Corporation's palmarès, and is entirely dedicated to stabilization solutions for shooting platforms in hunting, sport shooting, and professional applications: bipods, tripods, shooting rests, blind rests, slings, and many others.


The Kopfjäger line of products stands out for the plethora of solutions dedicated to meet the ever-changing demands and preferences of all shooters, with all budgets, and for the high level of technical innovation: the typical Picatinny style of interface is increasingly integrated by the ARCA Swiss interface – originally typical of the photographic industry, subsequently adopted by countless sport shooters due to the stability and reliability it offers – allowing shooters, hunters and professional operators to find a Kopfjäger product that's fail-safe guaranteed to suit their needs.



Sightmark, Kopfjager, Firefield: the 2021 new products catalogs