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Extrema Ratio BD4 Lucky Desert

Variante desert dell’Extrema Ratio BD4 Lucky, versione civile del pugnale BD2 Contractor, con lo stesso design filante e una lama a filo singolo

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Jojoba oil for black powder guns

Black powder firearms require their specific lubricants to remain reliable and well maintained. Which lubricant is better for this purpose? Jojoba...

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Chiappa Firearms Wildlands: the evolution of lever-action rifles

The Chiappa Firearms line of “Wildlands” lever-action rifles brings the quintessential 1886 and 1892 rifle design straight to the 21st Century...

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Extrema Ratio DMP

Designed for maximum versatility, the new Extrema Ratio DMP has all the usual qualities the Italian brand is famous for, with a blade that manages to...

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Meprolight Mepro Evergreen sight

The Meprolight Mepro Evergreen sights are a new tritiumless led powered night sights for handguns, with the same footprint of traditional iron sights...

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Slips and capture and the killing of Daunte Wright

The killing of Daunte Wright rises an important question: how is it possible that a police officer can mistake a black service gun, holstered on the...

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Sabatti Urban Sniper rifle

Now equipped with the sturdy 3 tenons Blizzard action, the Sabatti Urban Sniper bolt-action rifle offers even more all-purpose versatility and...

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