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Pedersoli 1886 Sporting Classic Rifle

From the Henry to the 1866 Yellow Boy, to the 1873 and 1876 models, Winchester had chambered its own carbines and rifles with increasingly powerful...

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New Kimber EVO SP striker pistols

Kimber enters the market of striker fired semiautos with the new EVO SP, announced for 2019

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Daniel Defense DD WAVE sound suppressor

Sound moderators have become quite common in countries where legislation allows them to sport shooter. With widespread use comes innovation and the...

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Chiappa 1892 lever action rifle

An iconic rifle seen in countless movies, the 1892 never ceases to appeal the firearm enthusiast

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Meprolight FT Bullseye

An interesting aiming system, hybrid between traditional sights and micro red dot sights, combining the best of both worlds


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CRKT Pilar and Pilar Large G10

Two pocket knives that do much more than meets the eye, the CRKT PILAR and CRKT PILAR LARGE G10 are a real treasure find. When looking for an EDC...

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Why the Confederate Flag is not a racist symbol

Perhaps, looking at things from an external point of view provides a more detached and simplistic approach to facts. But I feel weird at writing on...

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