• Lyman Brass Smith Ideal reloading press

Lyman Brass Smith Ideal reloading press

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Lyman Brass Smith Ideal reloading press

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SHOT Show 2018 – The new Lyman Brass Smith Ideal from Lyman Products is a compact reloading press, “ideal” beginners, as well as a companion press for experienced reloaders

Lyman Brass Smith Ideal reloading press

Lyman Brass Smith Ideal reloading press

Newly introduced by Lyman Products at the 2018 SHOT Show in Las Vegas is the Brass Smith Ideal press, a small-sized (and budget priced) reloading press which can handle all pistol calibers and rifle cartridges with a loaded length of up to 3.700".

Beginners using the C-Frame style press will appreciate its rugged frame of cast iron and stainless steel parts with a central handle position for easy ambidextrous use and a ball handle for a smooth, comfortable operation.

Experienced reloaders will love the compact size that requires minimal bench space and its compound linkage for optimum leverage including a 1" diameter ram and a 3 7/8" press opening. The Ideal press is the perfect auxiliary press for reloaders wanting to perform a separate operation from their main press.

All reloaders will find the compact size, rugged construction with a durable powder coat finish and ambidextrous design to be a welcome addition to their reloading applications. The Ideal press accepts all 7/8 x 14 thread dies and standard shell holders and weighs just 12.6 pounds.

The new Lyman Brass Smith Ideal Press is a single-operation press that really gives a reloader plenty of options. Very affordable, it makes a great starting press for a novice reloader that allows them to reload a variety of pistol and rifle ammo.

For the seasoned reloader, this C-Frame style press gives them the advantage of adding to their operation without having to reconfigure an existing press or take up lots of bench space with another big press.