• Rex Firearms Delta 9mm striker-fired pistol

Rex Firearms Delta 9mm striker-fired pistol

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Rex Firearms Delta 9mm striker-fired pistol

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SHOT Show 2019 – First teased at the end of Summer 2018, the new Delta striker-fired semi-automatic pistol from REX Firearms of Slovenia has finally been officially launched

The REX Firearms Delta 9mm semi-automatic pistol was on display at the 2019 edition of the NSSF SHOT Show in Las Vegas after having been anticipated back in September by its manufacturer – AREX d.o.o. of Slovenia.

The REX Firearms brand has developed a solid following among shooters worldwide in the past couple of years following the debut of their first semi-automatic pistol, the REX Zero1: a solidly built handgun, based on the SIG Sauer P226 design, the REX Zero1 is also available in a competition-oriented variant called the Alpha. The new Delta is the company's first striker-fired, polymer frame pistol, and follows the market trend in terms of size, construction, and firepower.

Rex Firearms Delta 9mm striker-fired pistol

Chambered in 9mm Luger – but a .380 ACP variant will also be made available for those Countries, particularly in South America, where full 9mm chamberings are forbidden to civilians – the REX Delta is about the same size of a Glock 19, providing comfortable concealed and open carry for duty or personal defense. Magazines are double-stack, made of metal, and available in a flush-fit 15-rounds or an extended 17-rounds capacity.

The frame is built out of high-strenght polymer, featuring a tactical accessories rail, a squared and serrated trigger guard, and a highly ergonomic grip. Four interchangeable backstraps will be issued with each pistol. An optional frame-mounted safety lever will be available as an optional.

The slide of the REX Delta will be machined out of steel, featuring front and rear serrations and dovetailed sights, a loaded chamber indicator and a separate, tactile and visual cocked striker indicator on the rear plate.

Rex Firearms Delta 9mm striker-fired pistol

The trigger of the REX Delta, while on the same league as many other "light double action" striker-fired pistols, is peculiar in that it can be compared to that of a Walther's "Antistress" action, albeit barely. Upon pulling the trigger, the shooter will feel a sort of "wall" after the first millimeters of travel, simulating a double stage for increased safety. That is followed by a crisp, clean release and a short, very well perceptible and audible reset.

Competitively priced, the REX Delta will be followed by several dedicated accessories manufactured by the company itself.