New Winchester .400 Legend ammunition

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New Winchester .400 Legend ammunition

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SHOT Show 2024 – Winchester introduces new .400 Legend caliber loads in the Power-Point, Deer Season XP and Super Suppressed lines, offering even more versatility for hunters worldwide

New Winchester .400 Legend ammunition

New for 2024, Winchester announced new .400 Legend offerings in the Deer Season XP, Super Suppressed, and Power-Point lines of ammunition.

The .400 Legend is a superior straight-walled cartridge with best-in-class ballistics for both hunters and sport shooters. The straight-walled design of the .400 Legend qualifies it for use in several jurisdictions that restrict bottle-necked cartridges for hunting. This heavy-hitting cartridge is optimal for deer, hog, black bear, and other big game within 300 yards and offers significant advantages in ballistics performance, recoil, and penetration. 


The .400 Legend ammunition offers energy levels similar to that of .450 Bushmaster, with 20% less recoil; over 20% more energy than .30-30 Winchester and 25% more energy than .350 Legend, with greater penetration; and 100% more energy than a 12-gauge slug at 100 yards, with 55% less recoil.


Each featuring a different type of slug, optimized in geometry and weight for use on suppressed or un-suppressed firearms and at different ranges against different types of quarry, the new .400 Legend Super Suppressed, Deer Season XP and Power-Point will allow hunters to harness the full potential of this caliber, adapting it to their preferred hunting conditions.