Otis Technology and Shooter's Choice new products for 2024

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Otis Technology and Shooter's Choice new products for 2024

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SHOT Show 2024 – Otis Technology and Shooter's Choice introduce a wide array of new products at SHOT Show: the Sportsman's Range Box, shotgun and small-caliber cleaning rods, and a whole line of single-caliber cleaning kits

Otis Technology and Shooter's Choice introduce new products for 2024

Otis Technology debuts a new product lineup at the 2024 SHOT Show, both under its own brand and under the Shooter's Choice brand.

The Sportsman’s Range Box is for the gun owner with multiple firearms, designed to clean all rifles, pistols, shotguns and inline muzzleloaders. Made in the USA, this cleaning kit features over 60 components contained in a portable range box and even features the 5.56mm B.O.N.E. tool for MAR/AR cleaning. The Otis Technology Sportsman's Range Box retails for $199.99.


Otis Technology has also expanded their rod cleaning line with the introduction of Shotgun cleaning rods and Small Caliber Solid Rods. The Shotgun Solid Rod is designed with durability in mind – crafted in a thicker gauge than standard cleaning rods, it offers superior leverage and stability for cleaning large bores. Ideal for all shotguns, the rod is made of coated stainless steel for a smooth, non-embedding finish. Conversely, the Small Caliber Solid Rod was created for those popular smaller calibers, ensuring that the rod will fit the smallest bores. Durable despite its small diameter, this rod is ideal for .17-.22 caliber firearms and airguns. The Shotgun Solid Rod retails for $64.99 and the Small Caliber Solid Rod at $49.99.


Last, but not least, in the fall of 2023, Shooter’s Choice launched a rebranding and with it welcomed a series of Single Caliber Cleaning Kits. These kits, elevated beyond the standard but at a retail conscious price, make Shooter’s Choice the best value brand on the market. With aluminum rod sets, caliber specific accessories, and FP-10 Lubricant Elite CLP, these kits retail from $14.99 to $16.99.