Two new Earmuffs from Brownells

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Two new Earmuffs from Brownells

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At last SHOT Show, Brownells has introduced one new electronic and one new passive earmuffs bearing the updated Brownells Ram logo. Both of them at an affordable price.

Two new earmuffs from Brownells: an Premium Electronic model and a Diverter Passive one

Not really an absolute novelty for the market, after all, earmuffs can be found everywhere. And yes, we are not even talking about top of the line models. So, why to talk about these two new earmuffs that Brownells has presented at last SHOT Show?

Well, the common problem with obvious things, and accessories, is that we give them for granted, and we are normally tempted to look for high end products or more exotic stuff. But the fact is that ear protections are something absolutely important for every shooter, and because of this, Brownells has always taken great care about what to offer to the market. 

So yes, the Brownells offering of earmuffs is already wide, but the focus on these two new products is in the good price placement in respect of their quality. Let's call them a kind of very good quality, yet entry level products. And... maybe not so important for some of you, but for the company yes... these two earmuffs bear at sides the new Brownells Ram logo! That is a very nice logo anyway (personal opinion of the writer...).

The Brownells Diverter Passive Earmuff

The Brownells Diverter Passive Earmuff

The Brownells Premium Electronic Earmuff

The Brownells Premium Electronic Earmuff


The Brownells Diverter Passive Earmuff has an efficient Noise Reduction Rating at 27dB.

On the other hand, the Brownells Premium Electronic Earmuff bring some more features:

  • Automatic low-level sound amplification
  • Automatic high-level sound compression
  • Independently-rotating ear cups
  • Auxiliary input jacks for digital devices
  • LED power indicator light
  • Runs on AAA batteries, not included

Both the Premium Electronic and Diverter Passive earmuffs come in green, have wide, padded head bands that adjust to fit different size users, and sport the new Brownells Ram logo on each ear cup.

Available at, the Premium Electronic Earmuff retails for $59.99 and the Diverter Passive Earmuff retails for $19.99.

Brownells everywhere

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Since its start one year ago, the Brownells Partners program allows to serve the International market with an higher level of efficiency, especially in terms of delivering of some classes of products.

Depending on where you live, here is the list:










Brownells - Serious About Firearms Since 1939

Brownells - Serious About Firearms Since 1939