• 5 features to look for in Gun Safes

5 features to look for in Gun Safes

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5 features to look for in Gun Safes

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If you are looking to be a responsible gun owner, then buying a gun safe is your number one priority. Before you start buying a new gun safe you must know how to identify one that will be good for you. That’s why you should know the 5 features to look for in gun safes

By James Forrester


Gun safes are one of the best ways to prevent robbers and your family from gaining access to your guns. That’s why you should consider whether their features are good enough to keep you and your family safe. These are some of the features that will make your gun safe worthwhile.

5 features to look for in Gun Safes


The most important feature to consider when it comes to getting a safe for your weapons is size and weight. It should fit perfectly in the room where you want to place it. It should also not be too heavy that it will collapse the floor.


While heavier gun safes are less prone to get stolen, you also have to incur more cost and transportation logistics. It’s also very difficult to move a heavy gun safe if you feel the need to change its location.


Depending on your situation, a light or heavy gun safe may be more beneficial for you. That’s why you should take into account the moving cost, if you think you will need to move the gun safe from time to time.



This is one of the most important features you need to look for in gun safes. Some of the best gun safes in the U.S have excellent security features that appeal to most Americans. Especially now that crime rates are potentially going up, your gun safe needs to be inaccessible to would-be thieves that could potentially harm you and your family.


Check the door frame, door, locks, and security layers if they are up to your standards and are durable enough to withstand some hammering.

Most gun safes use safety features like:

  • Bolting locks
  • Electronic locks
  • Re-lockers
  • Reinforced locks
  • Protective steel layers


Some of the best gun safes use combinations of these safety features to make it harder for others to access the gun safe. Check the effectiveness of these safety features by looking into other consumer’s reviews and other reviews from respectable websites.

5 features to look for in Gun Safes
5 features to look for in Gun Safes
5 features to look for in Gun Safes
5 features to look for in Gun Safes


Gun safes are not only for storing guns. You can store other valuables in there like jewelry, money, important documents, or emergency kits. You would need sufficient storage in order to all these valuables.


Make sure you plan ahead on what things you are going to place inside your gun safe. The storage should be spacious enough to fit your valuables or your gun collection and have enough space for any emergency storage.


The build quality should also be durable and have features that prevent too much humidity to prevent your guns from rusting. For example, the NRA National Firearms Museum recommends to have 50% humidity consistently inside the gun safe to prevent it from rusting from too much humidity and prevent stocks from cracking due to lower humidity.



Some of the best gun safes can withstand scorching heat. Make sure you check the fire ratings of any gun safe you are searching for. It should be ETL verified and it must also have a 30, 60, or 90 minutes heat test rating at 1200 degrees.


It means it has the highest fire rating for home and business safes. So if ever there was a fire, you are sure the important stuff you store inside is safe.



Warranties are your friend in case there is an issue about gun safes. If possible, look for gun safes that have a lifetime warranty. Some gun safes also have lifetime replacements or repair warranty that covers break-ins, fires, floods, and other natural disasters.


Having a warranty will give you ease when you need to repair or replace your gun safe if the worst scenarios happen.

5 features to look for in Gun Safes


Even with the US President and Congress approving the law for gun and school safety, it’s never wrong to be extra cautious. Just like how criminals find a way to acquire guns, they will also find a way to open your gun safes.


However, this doesn’t mean gun safes are easy to break into. It would take a lot of time or with the use of various tools to break open a gun safe. By that time, you might have heard them and notified the police.


That’s why it’s important that your gun safe should have the best security features it can have to keep thieves from stealing its contents.



Make sure you look into these 5 features before you purchase your gun safe. Your gun safe should be convenient for you and inconvenient for potential robbers. It should also be able to protect your guns from damage when it’s stored inside.


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