• First anniversary for GUNSweek.com!

First anniversary for GUNSweek.com!

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First anniversary for GUNSweek.com!

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Best wishes to GUNSweek.com and Happy New Year to all our readers! / print this page

GUNSweek.com celebrates its first year of life: the web platform went online exactly one year ago at the 2016 SHOT Show.

Thanks to the quality of its images, but mainly due to the huge potential of the editorial system that manages the layout of the pages, GUNSweek.com is recognized as one of the best websites in the gun world. And it's not us to say this.

It is a recognition we are proud of, and we welcome it gladly, without any false modesty. Because behind projects like GUNSweek.com there is a lot of daily work: provided by people with uncommon and very specific experience and skills in all specific areas that a modern online communication platform needs - or imposes, also - in a so much competitive market, as the 'quality information' one is.

All this applied to the guns and shooting world, that instead and unfortunately, still lives too often anchored to communication and information dynamics and strategies behind the times we live in, and therefore highly inefficient. Some promising signs are becoming visible, but the process is still to be very slow and difficult.

The competition between the actors in the communication industry is very high, but this is not because of a lack of economic resources to support it, proportional to the real market needs, but rather, because of a lack of knowledge allowing to understand how an effective communication should be handled.

Unfortunately, we all know that when competition and desire to win at all costs push people to abandon the observance of a fair "Code of Conduct", then come into play abrupt methods and hasty solutions that NO professional people should EVER even remotely consider acceptable within an healthy competition in a free-market.

So let's start the new year with the hope that no one, trying to compete with GUNSweek.com, will continue to use hasty and illicit solutions such as those that the GUNSweek team suffered during 2016, forced to work in unnecessarily harsh conditions due to the numerous attacks received. Difficult conditions under which the GUNSweek team manages to cope thanks to the skills it owns.

The email warning that we received from Facebook, which allowed us to submit a criminal complaint in Germany, to the attention of the power of attorney of the Staatsanwaltschaft Nürnberg-Fürth

The email warning that we received from Facebook, which allowed us to submit a criminal complaint in Germany, to the attention of the power of attorney of the Staatsanwaltschaft Nürnberg-Fürth

Attacks like those alerted us by Facebook, an example of which you can see in the screenshot above. A hacker attack that left us speechless.

But exactly because of the repeated attempts of attack, Facebook itself has reported us the IP address used by the unknown attacker, allowing us to make a formal complaint to the power of attorney Staatsanwaltschaft Nürnberg-Fürth. Now it is the task of the German judiciary to ascertain any criminal responsibility.

GUNSweek.com does not speculates to the advantage of anyone. GUNSweek produces contents to inform.

Anyone able to recognize the usefulness (and why not? the visual beauty) of our work, is welcome and will find satisfaction in what we do, in the way we do it. For this we give thanks to the readers first of all, that give us the measure of the goodness of our work.

GUNSweek.com is an independent platform, with no hidden financers behind. It is supported by just the growing recognition coming from the readers, and thanks to the support of dynamic companies able to face the market experimenting, finding with us the best way to make quality information, in compliance with the expectations and desires of the users.

In short, we do our part in support of the Gun World, to ensure that guns and sport shooting can continue to be a passion cultivated by millions of people around the world.

The Director
Bruno Circi