• Inforce Light WML White Gen2 for cull hunting

INFORCE Light WML White Gen2 for cull hunting

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INFORCE Light WML White Gen2 for cull hunting

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Culling animals and the role of rifle lights like the Inforce WML White Gen2

INFORCE Light WML White Gen2 for cull hunting

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Culling animals is a critical conservation practice worldwide, essential for maintaining ecological balance and safeguarding natural habitats. Responsible hunters play a crucial role in this endeavor, and they rely on specialized tools to ensure precision, safety, and ethical hunting practices. In many European countries, where diverse ecosystems flourish, culling is not just a necessity; it's a commitment to protecting the environment and local communities.


Enhancing Accuracy and Safety with Rifle Lights

Culling often demands precision and accuracy, especially during low-light conditions. In all those regions where the terrain can be challenging, the use of rifle lights is indispensable.


The INFORCE WMLx White Gen2 rifle light is a reliable tool for ethical hunters. It’s the standard for balancing output, reliability and size in a lightweight rifle light. Crafted from glass-reinforced nylon 6, this product offers a remarkable combination of lightweight design and robust construction.


Not only does it exhibit impressive durability, but it also boasts resistance to dust, sand, and dirt, along with the ability to remain fully operational even when submerged up to 66 feet underwater.


Weathering the Elements

One of the primary challenges faced by hunters during culling missions is the unpredictable climate. Dust, sand, dirt, and ever-changing weather conditions can take a toll on equipment.


INFORCE rifle lights are designed to meet these challenges head-on. With a rugged and waterproof construction, the WMLx White Gen2 rifle light ensures that hunters can confidently navigate the toughest terrains while contributing to ethical hunting practices. Whether you're hunting in arid, dusty terrains or trekking through muddy landscapes, these lights are built to endure it all.

INFORCE Light WML White Gen2 for cull hunting
INFORCE Light WML White Gen2 for cull hunting

Rain or Shine, Reliability is Key

Rain-soaked landscapes are not uncommon during culling missions. Heavy rainfall can reduce visibility and muffle sounds, making it harder to detect and locate animals.


INFORCE rifle lights are designed to deliver consistent performance even in wet conditions. With waterproof capabilities rated up to 66 feet, they remain operational and reliable when exposed to rain or wet environments. This ensures that hunters can navigate through the rain without fear of equipment failure, preserving visibility and safety during their culling missions.


Safety First

Safety is paramount within the hunting community, and the possibility of accidental discharge is a universal concern, particularly in low-light conditions and rugged terrains.


The INFORCE WMLx White Gen2 incorporates a safety lever designed to minimize this risk. A simple 1/4 turn of the head engages the lockout mode, making them safe for travel, transport, and storage.


This innovative safety feature also reduces the risk when traversing challenging landscapes, ensuring a high level of safety throughout the culling season.

The Inforce Light WML White Gen2 mounted under the forearm of a bolt-action rifle

The Inforce Light WML White Gen2 mounted under the forearm of a bolt-action rifle

Adaptability and Resilience

Culling is about more than just getting the job done; it's about adapting, staying safe, and embracing the unpredictability of the hunt. The Inforce WML White Gen2 and WMLx White Gen2 rifle lights are your trusted companions that make it all easier. They seamlessly shift between lighting modes, providing safety features that let you relax, knowing you're in control.


These lights are built to withstand the wildest weather conditions, ensuring that you are always prepared for a top-tier, ethical, and responsible culling adventure, regardless of the weather.


Culling isn't just a hunt; it's a commitment to preserving the ecological balance. With INFORCE rifle lights, you're geared up for a successful and ethical culling adventure, come rain or shine.

Inforce Light WML White Gen2 for cull hunting

About Inforce®

Manufactured in Rhode Island by Emissive Energy Corp. INFORCE® lights deliver the quality and strength that people need. Each INFORCE light is subjected to rigorous testing to ensure that they conform to the highest standards required by the military, law enforcement, and outdoor communities. Waterproof, shockproof, and constructed from a solid blend of mil-spec materials, INFORCE commits to delivering the most robust and high-performing lights that industry professionals and enthusiasts expect.

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